April 27, 2013

Laugh Out Loud with Melodie Campbell

Online, I recently met a warm and funny author named Melodie Campbell. Her wicked sense of humor keeps me in stitches and stalking  looking forward to her posts.


I'm happy to have Melodie visit my mythic blog!

Writing Comedy – and Loving It!

“I had the flu once.  It was terrible.  I couldn’t eat a thing for three hours.”

I hope you giggled at that line.  I think it’s one of my best.  And yes, I am a tad fond of eating.  In fact, you could list it as my major hobby.

My name is Melodie Campbell, and I write comedies.  (This is a self-help group, right?)  Sure I’d like to kick the habit and write a ‘real’ book with literary merit.

Okay, so that’s a lie.  Leave ROWENA AND THE DARK LORD behind?  Not write a sequel?  I’m starting to hyperventilate.  Actually, I love writing comedies.  It’s in my blood.

Just given a FIVE STAR review by the Paranormal Romance Guild!

Click HERE for the review.

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Some people are born beautiful.  But most of us aren't and we look for ways to survive the slings and arrows of life.  Sometimes we choose to hide behind a mask.  That Greek Comedy mask was the one I picked way back.

As a means of self-preservation in the cruel world of teenagers, I looked for the ‘funny.’  More often than not, I made fun of myself.  This was easy to do.  I knew the target well and there was a wealth of material.  And it didn’t hurt anyone else, so people liked it.

When I left school and had a ‘real’ job, I started writing stand-up on the side.  I rarely delivered it – usually I wrote for others. That led to a regular newspaper humour column, and more.

So when it came to writing fantasy novels, I fell back into ‘safe mode’.  Write it funny.


Worse than chocolate and foreign Counts…  Comedy writers take a situation, and ask themselves ‘what’s the worst thing that could happen now?’  And then, what’s the funniest?

But why do it?  Why does an otherwise sane individual write zany and some might say silly comedy, and risk the inevitable hit from critics who say your book is without great literary merit? 

One reason, and one reason only: many readers love it.  Their comments and reviews are heart-lifting.  I’ve lightened their day with adventure and laughter, and in some cases given them a story they can escape into, over and over again. Yes it’s true.  It wouldn’t be fun to write if I didn’t have warm and generous readers.

Excerpt from Rowena and the Dark Lord

I was beginning to get a very bad feeling.

“Did you volunteer for this job?”

“Yes.” Howard was now relieving himself off to my right.

Why?” My voice was perhaps a little harsh.

“To get out of fighting, of course. Everyone says there’s going to be a big battle. It seemed like a good time to leave the castle.”

I rolled my eyes. So now I had a complete newbie horse dude who was also a coward to look after on this trip. Howard the Coward. Lucky me.

“Can we sit for a bit? I’m exhausted.” He plunked down on the grass. Then he sprang up again.

“Ow! Ow! Ow!” He ran around in circles.

“What is it?” I watched in amazement.

“A bee! I sat on a bee.”

“Are you sure it’s a bee?” I said, crossing my arms. “Maybe it was a wasp.”

“Does it matter?” He was jumping up and down.

“Well, if it’s a wasp, you’re okay. If it’s a bee, the stinger will still be stuck in you. So when you sit down again…”

“Ahhh!! Take it out! Get it out!” He lifted his tunic and bent over.


I turned away. “I am so not doing that.”

Melodie Campbell achieved a personal best this year when Library Journal compared her to Janet Evanovich.  She has over 200 publications, including 100 comedy credits, 40 short stories, and 4 novels. She has won 6 awards for fiction

ROWENA AND THE DARK LORD, book 2 in the Land’s End series, is NOW AVAILABLE at the special introductory price of .99! (regular price $3.99, after May 1.)

Buy Link:

And the one that started it all: ROWENA THROUGH THE WALL, book 1 in the Land’s End series

April 26, 2013

Friday Flames - Guest Post with Daryl Devore

Fellow writer and critique group friend, Daryl Devore, releases a sexy new book today.

Congratulations! Isn’t that cover HOT?

Capri has returned from the sex toy convention with some new purchases. The voice that followed her home has some erotic playtime in mind.


I rippled my fingers across my nipple, which traitorously responded. So did my lower parts. They tingled. The bustier was much tighter than I would have hooked it. My breasts were forced into a way-out-there position. My body liked the restraint. I tickled myself again. My nipple grew firm. Playing with both, I squeezed and pulled until they stood erect and pinky-proud.

"They're beautiful. Continue," the voice urged.

To the flesh on my breast, my fingers were like ice cubes. My areolas contracted. My nipples stiffened. My next touch changed to sandpaper—rough and scratchy. Tingles shivered through my body. Hot, cold, rough, soft—each new sensation was a surprise.

Sweat trickled down my neck. Pressure built deep inside. My hand turned palm up, and the vibrating nipple clamp fell into it.

It took me a moment to figure out what to do. No, Thall didn't send the instructions along, and I hadn't had a chance to read them yet. My bad.

Unclasping it, I encased my nipple then hit the tiny switch. A squeal escaped me as a tiny electric pulse shot through my aroused dusky tip. The other clamp floated in front of me. I secured it onto my left nipple and held my breath.

Snap. Snap.

A surge of lust rushed through my body then centered in my crotch.


Snap. Snap.

The electric pulses were titillating—pun intended—and random, and I found myself waiting for the next. They didn't fire together. Nor did they go off in even patterns. I lay back wallowing in the random sensations they delighted in me. I wanted this to last for hours. A small thought nudge me. How long do tiny cell batteries last?

The arousal gel poured itself over my upper thighs as strong fingertips raked the insides, forcing my legs apart.

Arousing was so the wrong term for the lubricant. Fire would be a more apt description. I've been cooler after a tough hour of hot yoga class.

Sweat rolled in streams from me, yet all I did was rest on silk pillows having my nipples erotically zapped. I pulled my knees up and let them fall. I was fully exposed, and horny as hell. I wanted to be fucked. Needed to be fucked.

The bottle of warming gel flipped pouring liquid heat down my crotch. My glass penis hung, head down, aimed between my legs.

"Do you want it?"

I groaned.

"Do you want it inside you—mercilessly driving you to a screaming orgasm?”

Do the Fates understand the term – duh!

A hand separated my vulva and began long glides up the insides of my labia. I sighed and sunk to the edge of bliss.


Snap. Snap.

Damn! Forgot about the nipple clamps.

The long fondles turned to tiny flicks tickling my labia and inner thighs.

I squirmed and wiggled. Fire danced over my body. "Touch me!"

"Where?" His voice brushed past me ear.

"My clit."

Every sensation stopped. I think my heart did too. I didn't breathe.

Time-stopping, scorching strokes on the smallest part of my body. My fingers dug into the pillows as I experienced the most mind-fucking sensation ever and released an intense scream of joy.


"Again?" His voice was soft and tinted with humor.

"Yes!" It was more of a snarl than a polite response.

I waited. The nipple clamp zapped me. I squealed. His petting dragged across my clitoris with molasses speed. My heart raced, my breaths were shallow pants as I arched my hips up and spread my legs as wide as I could. "Touch me again. Please."

Total bitch in heat, and I didn't give a damn.


HOT stuff! I need to turn the ceiling fans on.

For more of Capri’s Fate, click on the links below.

Please feel free to post your steamy HOT scene! And don't forget your website links.

April 24, 2013

Satin Sheets Romance: ~Ava's Review of Remedy Maker...

Flames of Excitement!!

(c) Hamster

I've waited patiently in line for Satin Sheets to review my Fantasy Romance, Remedy Maker. (As a hugely popular review site, they have a mega backlog of books)

And here it is!  I'm grinning from ear to ear.

Satin Sheets Romance: ~Ava's Satin Sheets Romance Review of Remedy Maker...: "Remedy Maker" Author:   Sheri Fredricks Genre:   Paranormal Romance Pages:   358

April 20, 2013

Great Flames of Magic!

Welcome to the Magic Touch Giveaway Hop 
and Swag Bonanza!

This Hop is hosted by author Kallysten  
book blog Riverina Romantics.  

In addition to individual prizes provided on each blog, we are offering assorted swag to the first 100 participants who simply tell us they want some! 

See all details and sign up HERE

One of the reasons I write Fantasy Romance is because anything is possible! I’m allowed the freedom to create a world outside the everyday box of reality. To make the dreams of my characters come true.

In my latest release, REMEDY MAKER, there is a world of mythological people who live in the forest. They interact with humans on a limited basis and are hunted by these same humans. To us humans, the mythics live a magical life.

Wood Nymphs can magically shimmer themselves into trees, animate the tree, and wreak havoc with branches and roots. Pretty scary stuff…unless you’re in love with a Wood Nymph. Then you’d have to ask yourself: Would you be willing to risk it all?

Trolls are of the Earth, and as such they have the magical ability to dissolve beneath the crust. They have a bit of the leprechaun in them, yet are fierce fighters. Being caught in a Troll’s crosshairs might be a death sentence…unless they’re in love with you. Then there’s no length to what they’ll do in order to protect you.

Rulers of the forest have always been the Centaurs. For centuries they have lorded over the upper class, the echelon of society. They are not without magic themselves – they shapeshift! Courageous in battle, loving at home, their faults lie within the structure of the Centaur Kingdom…and their narrow-mindedness toward other mythological races. What would happen if Centaur should fall in love with a Wood Nymph?

In my novel REMEDY MAKER, I address all of the above – and more. I invite you to pick up a copy today and read yourselves into a world the likes you’ve never experienced before!

Barnes & Noble: http://is.gd/BEPhdh

All Romance Ebooks: 

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April 19, 2013

Friday Flames - Guest Post - Jenna Jaxon

Welcome to Friday Flames! 

If you're looking for the "Love A Tree" blog hop, please scroll down to the next post.

Today I have a guest whose historical romance is considered unsuitable for readers 17 and under!

Yeah! Bring it on!!

Please welcome Jenna Jaxon and her latest release, Betrothal.


A tug on the string that held her chemise and the garment slackened against her. He gathered the soft shift into bunches at her shoulders then gently urged it down to pool at her feet. A guttural groan drew her to look at his face—and read approval in his frank gaze. She shifted uneasily and wound her hands together, struggling against the need to cover herself. He should see all of her, everything laid bare tonight. He swallowed hard and breathed sharply before running a finger down the cleft of her bosom.

Oh, God. Shivers chased through her at his touch and she swayed, unsure if her legs would hold her.

With a contented sigh, he cupped her breasts, stroked them with strong, nimble fingers. The memory surfaced of running her hands over her body, wondering how it would feel when his hands were on her. Never would she have imagined the glory of his touch.

He leaned toward her chest, mouth poised above her… Surely he would not… Closer and closer, until he touched her flesh. She closed her eyes and shuddered as a moan escaped her, filling the room with the primal sound of need. Nothing had ever felt as wonderful as her breasts firming to the touch of his tongue. Warmth settled low in her belly, and she gasped as moisture gathered between her legs. 


I hope you'll join the Flaming Heat and post an excerpt of your own....or stay to read a few!

Don't forget your buy links.  Have a smoking hot day!

April 18, 2013

Friday Flames: Love a Tree Blog Hop

Thank you to JustRomance.ME for hosting this awesome hop!

You could win a $75 gift certificate to an e-book store of your choice
or many other wonderful prizes.

You know the saying: Earth Day is every day. Going Green is the way of the future. As our resources shrink, we must come up with new and clever ways to reach our goals for tomorrow.

In my erotic fantasy romance, Remedy Maker, conservation is a way of life. Here's a snippet to entice you to go solar:




Screams of the terrified echoed through the corridors of Rhycious's mind. Shouts from warriors and cries of agony ebbed away, the pounding of his heart decreased.
 He gripped the rough-hewn table with both hands, forcing himself to concentrate on the picturesque view of the Boronda Forest beyond his kitchen window.
Bloody soldiers lay scattered in his reminiscence like the deadfall they were. He and his team of medics couldn't keep up with the gruesome injuries. Body parts flung high in trees, left to hang, picked clean by scavengers.
 Rhy shook his head and blew a hard breath. Night had fallen hours ago and no Wood Nymphs attacked his fellow herdsmen. No such war existed between races any longer.
He was safe. The horrific scenes were in his mind, exhumed by his traumatized memory.
Sweat dampened his forehead. Rhycious fought the flashback's wave with even, regulated breaths. Gritted teeth unclenched one facial muscle at a time, his back straightened with determination, vertebrae by vertebrae.
He didn't start the battle that had lasted two centuries, but the clashing races damn well made it his emotional baggage.
Rhycious relaxed the anchoring grasp of one hand and raised his wrist to see the time. The tremble in his arm caused the digital numbers to dance before his eyes. Pan, help me. The god who reigned over terror and panic must be having a good laugh on his account.
Rock music played from the boom box he'd rigged to a solar battery on the granite counter. Sliding notes of electric guitars drove home the time in which he lived.
Now days, turmoil imploded within the Centaur community, no outside sources required. Senior herd leaders remained prejudiced against Satyrs, Minotaurs, and other woodland races—Nymphs topping the list. 


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