October 30, 2012

Paperback Overload!

Do you ever find yourself with an overload of paperbacks?

That's where I find myself today. I'm stacking books on top, in front, in places books were never meant to be....and I want MORE books!

In order to make room for more, I've gotta get rid of some.

If you're interested in gently read books (these are not new, but in great shape from a non-smoking home), leave your book choice in the comment below, with an email address, for chance to win one of these terrific books.

 Janet Evanovich - Love Overboard

 Janet Evanovich - Back to the Bedroom

 Janet Evanovich - Thanksgiving

 Lisa Jackson - Sorceress

 Lori Herter - Possession

 Mary Balogh - The Secret Pearl
If you're interested in any of these books, I'll be happy to send residents located inside the United States. Sorry - postage is the deciding factor here, and I'm a starving author.
Have fun, and happy reading!

October 26, 2012

Howloween Blog Hop!

Welcome to the blog hop!

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To celebrate the release of my book:


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  I offer a Halloween memory. . .

A Three-Legged Wonder

Various Halloween scenes flee flood the remembrance of my childhood. There were scary years and others scream-laugh funny. As an adult, I still gag smile at the antics of my friends and family.
My mother is a clothing designer by trade. So Halloween consisted of home-made costumes. In my recollection, there was only one year in which I wore a costume my mother didn’t entirely make for me. Nothing against my in-house designer's imagination—all her guises were works of art—but forcing helping to create my own costume made it the best Halloween ever.

My best friend, Kelley, and I were eight years old. Her mom provided us with tempera paints and thick brushes, along with two paper grocery sacks.
We decided to be a two-headed monster. This consisted of painting our "heads" on the sacks and having my mother sew a shirt and three-legged pants large enough to house two kids.
It took us almost a whole week of practice, walking side by side with our inside legs tied together, to find our cadence beat. And then…the big night. Halloween.
We dressed at my house and preened for pictures. Hobbled to her house for more pictures. With plastic pumpkin buckets in hand, we set off.

(c)creative commons

And promptly fell down her front stairs, ripping the shirt and tearing the pant seam. How the paper sacks stayed intact, I'll never know. I was crying, Kelley was screaming, her mom was laughing, and their damn dog attacked my pumpkin bucket.
We made our rounds through the neighborhood that night, a two headed, three-legged, limping monster.
I haven't seen Kelley in a long time but keep in touch with her mother. She and I have groaned laughed over my favorite Halloween many times over the years.
Remedy Maker
Confidence settled within him after making a decision on the next step to fulfill his ruler’s wishes. He leaned toward the radio, flipped the switch, and let the music roll over him while he set about making coffee in the stovetop percolator.
The twenty-first century was by far his favorite time to live. Natural cure innovations abounded, and the music jammed. Nodding in time to the deep bass thump, Kid Rock rapped out his wish to be a cowboy. Rhy tapped his toe on the wooden floor and swung his shoulders to the steady rhythm.
A little coffee, some discussion and bargaining, and I’m good to go.
Patience took hesitant steps out of the bedroom with bare feet. She cleared her throat. “Good morning.”
Sleep creased her face, and her hair lay mussed and wild about her shoulders. Heat coiled low in his belly; his scrotum tightened inside his pants.
He was in deep shit.
In his waking mind, the plan seemed so easy. None of the sexy details were filled in. Now, with her standing in front of him looking like she’d been tumbled hard in the sack, all he could think of was . . . getting hard in the sack!
No! Not that word.
Glorious brown hair, liberally streaked with auburn, floated in waves over her shoulders and cascaded down her back. He watched her like a slow motion movie. She lifted her hands and pushed the heap away from her face, her breasts jiggling with maddening temptation.
“Hey there.” He grabbed open the lower door of the cold box and hid behind it, adjusting himself through his jeans. Guileless, her innocent eyes held no condemnation for his Centaur breeding.
Patience was born decades after the last arrow flew in hatred. Her people had committed horrendous crimes, but he had murdered as well. He was the villain here, not her. The proof stood right before his eyes, looking so damn beautiful—a felony on two legs.

What are YOUR plans for Halloween?

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October 23, 2012

We have a winner - Alpha Male Blog Hop

Congratulations to Jenny from Ohio!!

Your name was chosen by Random.org to win the mythic swag pack.

Thank you to everyone who came by and commented. Muah!

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October 22, 2012

Andrew Valentine's Bitter Consequence

I'd like to give a warm welcome to a fellow Paranormal Romance Guild member: 

Andrew Valentine


Today is a GREAT day, because it's release day for Andrew's book  


I thought I'd ask Andrew a few questions about his new novel ~

Hi Andrew! Come in and sit down. Okay, so...what's it about?

      Andrew: Here’s a short synopsis of Bitter Consequence :

Immortal love.  Immortal evil.  A woman must save her husband from an evil blood-goddess to prevent a supernatural war on the streets of modern New York in this groundbreaking tale of erotic horror.

Oh...my...gosh! So your book's genre is horror! Yikes! Why did you choose Erotic Horror?

      It’s autobiographical. Most of my erotic experiences have been horrible.
     I’m kidding about that, but there are elements of autobiography in Bitter Consequence.  For example, a few hundred years ago in my family’s part of Italy, Abruzzo, an ancestor of mine owned a villa. His daughter was a willful newlywed with a child.  She strolled into the hills and stayed out late.  Her husband and father were worried for her—there had been supposed wolf attacks on the land—and my ancestor took his men and her husband into the woods to look for her.  They found her in a clearing in the woods—and on the way back, came across a coven of witches.  They had been sacrificing animals in their rites—not the wolves.   

     My ancestor threatened them with jail or death. Pleading with him, they offered him a deal with him no doubt influenced by the pregnant woman in their midst: let the witches go and they will “bless” his family and his descendents for generations to come.  He took the deal and let them go, warning them never to return to his land.  His name?  Valentino.  

     Over the years, that became Valentine.  I actually adapted that story and included it in Bitter Consequence—with a vampire twist.
      But the main reason I chose to write in erotic horror is because there are a few similarities between the two—both sex scenes and horror scenes ought to move the story forward and should focus on the main characters only—and  to be successful you’re bound to their limitations.   

     And, of course, there’s a bit of bondage in the book—so it all fit!

 What's it like for you as a writer? 

      Writing fiction is a drug addiction.  It tears you away from your family; it makes you live in imaginary places; it can make you go broke.  If  you want to “make it big” in fiction, there’s a good chance you’re deluding yourself.  For every for every EL James that makes it there are 100,000 wannabes who never will.  You MUST manage your expectations.  If you do, you can be happy as a fiction writer. 

      On the upside, the public seems to have an insatiable hunger for good stories, well told—and there are more openings to show off your writing chops than ever before: blogs, print-on-demand and e-books all allow writers access to readers that have been unavailable ever in the history of the written word.  Small presses are sprouting up across the publishing landscape like mushrooms and self-publishing no longer has the stigma it once had. 

      And we’re a great bunch.  Most of the writers I’ve met and/or communicated with are helpful, encouraging and enthusiastic.  

      Even when we’re jealous of our friends’ successes, each one of them provides a message of inspiration: you can do it, too!    
Andrew Marino’s Bio and links:

          Andrew Valentine is an award winning novelist (National Writers Assn.) screenwriter and freelance journalist who lives and writes in New York.  He is a founding member of the Paranormal Romance Guild and is member of several professional organizations.  Andrew holds a masters degree in psychology from the New School for Social Research and is a marketing director at a direct marketing firm where his writing is more effective in generating revenue than pulse-pounding thrills.

Visit him online at any of these sites:
·                 This is the link to my first novel, Bitter Things: www.bitterthingsthebook.com
·                 This is the link to the second, Bitter Consequence: www.BitterConsequence.com
·                 You can find a trailer for Bitter Things on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLrvRDeZs5E&feature=g-upl
·                 You can find Andrew here, at the Paranormal Romance Guild: www.paranormalromanceguild.com/
·                 You can also find Andrew on Facebook, here: https://www.facebook.com/AndrewValentinesBitterThings

You can pick up your copy of Bitter Things here (unfortunately, at the moment it’s only available on Kindle [he sold out of hard copies, which is a good problem to have, I suppose!]):

You can order your copy of Bitter Consequence here:


October 19, 2012

Friday Flames - Burning Delight

Welcome to Friday Flames!!

If you're looking for the Alpha Male Blog Hop, scroll down to the next blog post entry.

Visitors:  Please feel free to read and comment.
Authors:  Please share your hot scene, or the tension that leads up to it. Don't forget to leave your buy links or web addresses.

A HUGE thank you to Leanore Elliott for allowing me to showcase her STEAMY erotic novel ~

A Wicked Anthology
Leanore Elliott

Story #1 ~  Dedicated:

She lifted her tits up and licked her lips. “Let me be your total slave. I will please you in so many ways, because I have done you already in every way imaginable. It is all that I have longed to do and it’s all that I want for my whole life and you will never even need anyone else. I will be your release, your sex toy or whatever your mood wants. Please use me for your pleasure?” 

His eyes were riveted to her as she pledged her body and heart to him. He drew in a breath and visibly flinched while he gripped his cock as though he were in pain.

Story #2 ~  Satisfaction Guaranteed
(Starring Rex Harris from the Novel Dirty As Sin)

Releasing an uneasy breath, she gazed over at the mirror.

There in the reflection was her—just plain ole Claire, but her cheeks were flushed with color and her eyes sparkled with some inexplicable emotion. Her hair looked all tousled and free flowing. She looked—sexy?

“Yeah, look at you,” Rex whispered to her ear. “You may just be turned on, little Claire.”

Amazed, she stared as he stood at her back and reached his arms around her waist. She gawked at those lovely strong fingers while they slid slowly downward and tugged her skirt down. She was holding her breath again, as she watched him move the black skirt downward until she saw her red lace underwear.

“Sexy…” he breathed to her ear.

Story #3 ~  Conquer Me

Lena raised a brow at him. “I bet a strong swaggering man like you has never been whipped with one of your own riding crops.”

Chase gulped at her and his cock rose as it stiffened.  

“Especially, while on all fours and hand-fucking yourself,” she added. Her imagination filling with how it would feel to actually ride him bareback. Her wet sliding pussy being delighted by the friction of his smooth, bronzed skin, sliding along her clit as she ordered his hand strokes, making him jerk himself off while she lay the whip across his sweet, firm ass. 

Story #4 ~  The Hat Rick

The Angel man licked his lips with his tongue, and with the slight sliding movement, her clit throbbed and she could feel it swell

Inexplicably, his fingers lowered to his briefs again, following the same trail as her hand did to herself.

She couldn’t breathe, she couldn’t think; she’d lost herself somewhere back when he had unbuttoned his shirt. I’ve lost my wits, all my good sense and self-control. Could this be why he was a dominator? He could almost direct you with his mind alone? 

The sweet-faced dominator didn’t stop there; he slid his hand all the way into his briefs and Miranda could see his body stiffen as though he’d grabbed his own cock. Again, he licked his lips and nodded.

Miranda started to pant as she stared at the two way mirror and her body shook. Somehow, she had her fingers in her panties and her wet pussy was soaking her thighs. 

Story #5 ~  The View

“I’m not sure I can keep myself together long enough for this.”

At her admittance, he felt himself swell. Her shaky need and the thrilled look in her beautiful eyes was so hot, he was feeling even more excited about this.

Reaching forward, she dipped her fingers in. “Ohh…” she gasped and clutched at her labia with her other hand.

Rich had seen women hot for his huge cock before, as it was fairly impressive, but never one this hot for it. He felt supreme and especially after all the wanting he’d done over the blonde. He reached in and kept her hand on him as he raised his erected throbbing rod from his pants.

 Story #6 ~  Mine
“My favorite part was where you said…” His voice slowed. “You would cum while on your knees if I shoved my cock down your throat. I grew so hard at your words. I’ve been with some soumis—submissive women and they never made me as hard as you did that night.”

As he spoke, Jewel was afraid she would start hyperventilating.

“Do you remember what you said, Jewel?” he asked and flipped her around to face him.

She tried to swallow and found that her throat had closed while she gazed into his eyes. She shook her head.