January 30, 2015

An Almost Perfect Friday Flames

It's been a while since multi-published romance author Jenna Jaxon has stopped by.  After wheedling her with begs and pleads, she's offered to takeover today's Friday Flames!

When I wrote Almost Perfect, over three years ago, I set it on a romantic, deserted beach in the Caribbean.  I did my research and saw lots of pictures of beaches and islands in that region, but I never saw one in person until last year when I was invited to visit my friend and fellow author, Ella Quinn.

I spent a glorious week down in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands and I have to say, it has the perfect setting if someone wanted to make a movie out of Almost Perfect:   Magen’s Bay.

Magen’s Bay is a gorgeous, protected stretch of beach, the perfect Caribbean hideaway.  The sand is smooth and white.  The water is clear and warm, a beautiful turquoise blue/green and often feels like velvet. Smooth and silky. It’s not too rough, although there are some waves lapping against the shore.  Unfortunately, this beach isn’t deserted, so no skinny dipping.  Pam and Roger were more fortunate in that respect.

The palm trees ring the beach, never letting you forget you’re in the tropics.  It really feels otherworldly early in the morning.  I can imagine that it would have felt that way to Pam, my heroine, when she is marooned on a deserted island in An Almost Perfect Night.

I walked the beach there almost every morning, very much like Pam would have walked, sand squishing between her toes, to get to Roger and that scrumptious dinner and the after dinner activities.

I certainly enjoyed my little taste of paradise.  It’s given me a new insight into tropical beaches and made me even more certain that I chose the setting well. Magen’s Bay is one of the most romantic spots I’ve ever been to, so I’m certain the beach where Pam and Roger were stranded was a paradise come true for them.


The deliciously hard body pressed her into the warm sand. Sinewy arms pinned her shoulders while his stubbly beard rasped against the skin of her neck as he kissed and nibbled his way down the slope of her neck. Her pirate had shown up at last, a dream come true. Tall, dark, and handsome might be a cliché, but man, it felt so good. The warmth of his naked torso rubbing against her bare midriff set her ablaze with hungers she’d thought would never be satisfied.

She’d been sitting under the trees, contemplating a scathing rejoinder to Roger’s accusation when she’d been pulled into an embrace from behind. She’d shrieked and tried to scramble away, but he’d nuzzled her ear and whispered, “It’s me, Pam. I’m here to give you your perfect night.”

Before she could utter a “Thank God,” he’d turned her around and seized her lips, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. All protest died. His mouth tasted like honeysuckle, warm and sweet. He’d lifted her as easily as if she were a doll. Then her clothes were gone, and he’d lowered her to the soft sand, his lips locked with hers all the while. She had yet to see his face, but with moves like that, who cared what he looked like?

Now she lay on her back, his taut body stretched over hers, reveling in her long-awaited ravishment.
He nudged her legs apart with his knee and the hard length of his cock pressed against her inner thigh— Jesus, how long was he?

Her anticipation soared as her pussy flooded with moisture.

He lowered his head and clamped his mouth onto her nipple, tugging on it almost to the point of pain. The ache reached the crucial place between her legs, making her writhe with need.

Mmmm.” He grasped the tip with his teeth and squeezed.

Pam moaned, pain and pleasure fusing within her.

He raised his hips and plunged into her, sliding his whole thick, hard length inside with a power that forced the air from her lungs.

She gasped as he filled her completely, stretching her to almost impossible limits. God, it felt so fucking good. He felt so good fucking her.

Her pirate groaned and began to pump into her, hard thrusts that rocked her back onto the sand. “Oh, God, I’m going to come!” Her body spiraled out of control as it rose to the ultimate peak, which hit her like a Mack truck. She jerked underneath him. His body went rigid then slumped against her. God, he was the best lover she’d ever had, and she hadn’t seen his face or learned his name. As her body relaxed and lethargy stole through her, she caressed the dark head lying on her chest. Determined to see the face of her mystery lover, she rolled him over. Only to find Roger grinning at her.

“Did I do it right that time?”


Pamela Kimball’s birthday present, a One Perfect Night adventure, promises to jump-start her life, put a new man in her bed, and help her forget her past.  Unfortunately, movie-buff Pam’s Pirates of the Caribbean fantasy takes an alarming wrong turn when she’s abandoned on a not quite deserted island—with ex-husband Roger Ware.
Forced by hunger to accept Roger’s offer of dinner, Pam realizes the geek she used to be married to has transformed into one of the most charming, sexiest men she’s ever met. His newfound confidence—and hot body—re-kindles old fires.  A simple kiss leads Roger to challenge her to discover how much his lovemaking skills have improved, leaving Pam torn between self-preservation and burning desire.
With time running out before they’re rescued, Pam must decide if her heart can survive the consequences of becoming Roger’s “almost” perfect night.


Jenna Jaxon is a multi-published author of historical and contemporary romance.  She has been reading and writing historical romance since she was a teenager.  A romantic herself, she has always loved a dark side to the genre, a twist, suspense, a surprise.  She tries to incorporate all of these elements into her own stories. She lives in Virginia with her family and a small menagerie of pets.  When not reading or writing, she indulges her passion for the theatre, working with local theatres as a director.  She often feels she is directing her characters on their own private stage.

Jenna is a PAN member of Romance Writers of America as well as President of Chesapeake Romance Writers, her local chapter of RWA. Her debut novel, Only Scandal Will Do, is the first in her House of Pleasure series, set in Georgian London. Only Marriage Will Do, the second book in the series, is set to release in June 2015 from Kensington. Her medieval serial novel, Time Enough to Love: Betrothal, Betrayal, and Beleaguered, is a Romeo & Juliet-esque tale, set at the time of the Black Death.

She has equated her writing to an addiction to chocolate because once she starts she just can’t stop.

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January 28, 2015

WIP'ing it up on Wednesday


And now for something new. . .

As an author, I'm often asked, "So, what are you writing?" WIP It Up gives you an insider's look at what your favorite authors are cooking beneath their nimble fingers.

For the time being, I've put aside my Paranormal/Fantasy romance series The Centaurs and have noodled with a new idea.

The characters are a successful surfing equipment-line businessman (surfboards, wetsuits, etc.) and a film star at the height of her career.

(c) iMagestic
(c) Marin

Let me know how you like my action/adventure so far:


Title: None so far (suggestions are always welcome!)
Author: Sheri Fredricks (c) 2015


Even in his little coastal hometown of Pismo Beach, an occasional adult movie actress would be seen.

With the help of a trusted partner, Finn ran an enormously successful surf-line business. And as a thirty-six-year-old single guy, he’d seen his fair share of X-rated movies.

Hot, hungry, take-your-hand-and-jack-yourself-off, Allyson Beggs was one of those actresses. 

Finn smiled to himself as he ran her profile through his mind.

Classic girl-next-door qualities, except multiply her beauty one-hundred-percent. Shiny chestnut hair reaching for her tiny waist, brown eyes that held you captive and liquefied your resistance. Those miracles of Maybelline were beyond captivating, actually. Their amazing almond shape were utterly expressive and fringed with thick black lashes.

Just thinking of the last movie he’d seen her in made his dick tingle and grow hard. Finn shifted in the chair to relieve the pressure against his zipper.

Long, mile-high legs with shapely calves and muscle-toned thighs. All tinted with a hue he’d call sun-kissed. Would she be a matched color all over, or have sexy tan lines from a barely-there thong bikini? 

Finn crossed his legs, then immediately thought better when the material of his jeans pinched his tender nuts.


I hope you'll visit the other HOT authors participating in WIP It Up Wednesday. They're just a click away!

January 24, 2015

Is that a callus I feel?

Grow thicker skin.

Isn't that what we're all told? From Kindergarten through adulthood, we're constantly told to "man-up", "cowboy up", "pull up your big girl panties."

UP, UP, UP. 

How about if we look at this from a different perspective?
Yeah, I'm all for that!

(Taken from Chuck Wendig: http://tinyurl.com/nfgh6g9)

Stop Giving So Much Of A Shit!

Said it before, will say it again: you have to learn to care less. 

When all the pressures and stresses and anxieties and critics and haters and assfaces and shitbirds come knocking at your door looking to carve away their pound of mental flesh, you have to get out your purse, poke through it while making hmm and ahhh sounds, and then finally say: “Gosh, I’m sorry, I have no more fucks to give.” 

Then you pull out your cool 1980s-action-movie submachine gun and mow them all down. (Er, metaphorically! No actually shooting anyone.) The hills should be alive with the sound of you not giving two rat pubes to rub together. 

If we put too much pressure on ourselves, too much weight of expectation and consequence, then the creation of cool things becomes harder. If you build a mental wall, you have to climb it. That’s just extra work. 

So? Stop putting it between you and the things you want to make.